Top 20 NuGet deployment Packages

SendGrid email provider for the Accidental Fish application framewokr
Entity Framework unit of work and repository pattern implementation for the Accidental Fish Application framework
Logger that sends items to Azure Application Insights
User Interface to Manage EF Migrations for MVC applications. Once MVC application deployed and navigate to the application will redirect to the Manage Migrations(Database deployment) page for admin users and database maintenance page for non Admin users.
ConDep is a highly extendable Domain Specific Language for Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code on Windows. This package contians all the default operations found in ConDep. For additional operations, look for ConDep.Dsl.Operations.Contrib.
Core interfaces and components for the Accidental Fish Application framework
Unity dependency resolver for the Accidental Fish application framework.
Octopus Deploy is an automated deployment tool powered by NuGet. OctoPack adds a post-build activity to your Visual Studio project, so that an Octopus-compatible NuGet package is produced in the Bin directory whenever a Release build completes. OctoPackPlus.Core provides isolation and control of t...
Implements the DirectoryServices authentication provider.
Implements the OpenIDConnect authentication providers.
A platform for packaging and deploying .NET-based automation scripts to provide a complete pipeline-as-code solution for building, testing, and deploying projects. Photon Framework contains the core components required to develop Photon projects and plugins.
Queue based logger for the AccidentalFish Application Support framework
This library includes a tool for helping to deploy single SQL Schemas to existing MS-SQL Databases. The standard dacpac deploy using SQL-Package and SQL Server Data Tools SSDT Toolkit only support deploying whole databases. In some enterprises multiple logical databases are created in the same MS-SQ...
Dynamicweb 9 package used for moving content from one installation onto another.
ConDepNode is a Node deployed to remote servers by ConDep allowing easy remote interaction with servers.
Defines an interface to abstract away dependency injectors from the framework
Powershell cmdlets for application configuration and resource creation.
A dependency injectable application framework for building, configuring, deploying and managing applications on Azure PaaS
Microsoft.Web.Deployment API
Serilog logger for the framework