Top 20 NuGet deploy Packages

Deploy your database without data lose with dacpac. This package cannot be installed using Visual Studio. Review project website first.
Necessary libraries for custom DeploymentPlanModifier implementation.
Deploys sql scripts to target databases MSDeploy
Helper methods for the hosts file and IIS
One very easy solution for tracking the version of your application. Zero input from developer; the library processes the current version by analyzing the app's GIT repo.
Shared components for MSDeploy-based deployment packages.
Adds clustered deployment to WebDeploy.
Cake addin for loging in to Azure Resource Manager.
MobileCenter Addin for Cake Build, Test and Deployment Automation System. Microsoft deprecated Mobile Center and moved it to App Center. This addin is in maintenance mode, further developement will be done on Cake.AppCenter
ASP.NET 5 configuration provider for Octopus Deploy variables.
Cake.FtpDeploy addin
Provides build targets and properties used to deploy nuget packages.
Allows creation and promotion of releases within Octopus Deploy