Top 20 NuGet delivery Packages

Compare two versions of an assembly and suggest how to bump version numbers
A demo application to show off CI and CD
LoadBalancer api provider for HAProxy.
Force Update Microservice Plugin for LVDGW service accessor
Easily render and send emails in your applications. Supports templating, parallel delivery, observable folders, retry policy, backlog, and more.
Creates an update scripts for sqlcmd to run - build in mind for dbup. Visit for more information.
The easy way to use semantic versioning ( with GitHub Flow
**ober** This CLI tool will help you submit .appxupload packages straight to the Windows Store. It uses the submission API to achieve this.
Stupidly simple and lightweight feature toggle for .Net
Response Wrapper Plugin for LVDGW
Interface library for developing a plugin to LVDGW.
JWT Authentication Plugin for LVDGW
IP Info Enrichment Plugin for LVDGW
Configuration Microservice Plugin for LVDGW
SMTP mailing service using DotLiquid as templating engine, supporting poco viewmodels as well as anonymous objects.