Top 20 NuGet datatable Packages

A DataTable extension for Celloc.
Aggregation extensions for Celloc.DataTable.
This package help you to communicate with SQL Server Without worrying about Command or connection ..
The DynamicResultSet library allows you to use the data returned from one stored procedure to populate any number of DynamicClasses.
Finaquant Protos is a non-commercial and free .NET library with table-valued functions (Table Functions). This .NET library can only be used for non-commercial purposes like education and science. Please see Finaquant Calcs with additional features and unlimited table size for commercial use.
Finaquant Calcs is a commercial .NET library with (1) table-valued functions (Table Functions) and (2) Calculation Nodes and Networks (Calculation Engine). This free 30-day evaluation version comes with restricted table size (max 5000 rows). You may buy a permanent license with unlimited table size.
Open-source Excel add-in in C#/.NET4.0 that makes matrix, vector and most importantly, table-valued functions of Finaquant Calcs available for Excel users and programmers. Based on ExcelDNA and NetOffice
Convert DataTable to a list of object instances.
My commonly used utilities library.
AspNet Mvc jquery Datatable implementation for UniverCloud Products.
This package help you to Continue with SQL Server Without worrying about Command or connection ..
Typescript definition file for BIA.Net.DataTable.MVC
The package is a base library of Syncfusion .NET support that contains classes, interfaces, and events that help fetch and process relational data to a standard pivot engine. It is later used to render pivot grid and pivot chart visualization components. Learn more:
Use FlatFiles to generate MVC ActionResults.
A screaming fast, reactive dynamic datatable viewmodel/template for Knockout with search, header sorting and item selection.
This includes some useful utility functions for ExcelDna development, like casting Excel Range into Object arrays, etc.
This Library eases to convert SQL Dataset to JSON Object
A simple data table. Uses Bootstrap styles. Supports paging, filtering, sorting and multiselect with serverside processing. This project is still in process!
included all my useful extension methods.
MVC component which adds functionality for automatic server side processing for the famous table plugin for jQuery - DataTables. Supports paging, searching, sorting and custom filters (Less Than, Less than or equal, Greater than, Greater than or equal and Equal) and nested objects.