Top 20 NuGet dataaccess Packages

Proactive data repository NetStandard package.
Proactive data projections NetStandard package.
Suplex.Security is an application security and RBAC abstraction Layer. Implments hierarchical DACL model and common RBAC model. Suplex.Data.SqlDataAccessor provides simple SQL Server DataSet/Row utils for legacy compatibility with Suplex.Core 4.x.
This NuGet package contains Oracle.DataAccess.dll (x86) needed to compile a project that uses Oracle's ODP.NET Library - for NET 2.0 and NET 4.0. Oracle will still need to be installed on the production or development machine in order to connect to Oracle.
A simple C# Fluent API to start SQL queries.
Provides custom extensions for the OpenAccessContext.
Library that assists in using ADO.NET and Entity Framework in the same work unit.
Repository implementation around entity framework
Package Description
Package Description
An install-and-go package for SQLite. You will only need to install this package, add some models and DataAccess-classes and your SQLite-database is created!
Helper classes to implement data access easily
Proactive data access NetStandard package.
NHQS, the NHibernate Quick Start, provides a simple Fluent framework for getting started with Fluent NHibernate. It makes life a little easier for 'NH00bs' and greenfield projects.
EntityFramework DbContext Extension Helper.
FastData is a simple and fast .NET micro ORM that can be used as ultra-fast data access layer of high-performance .NET projects.
Class Generator for Mere. Generates class for Mere from Sql using mere.js config in executing directory. For easiest use move extract zip to "C:\Mere" or somewhere you can find it. Then click tool in visual studio and select "external tools". Add new tool name it "MereGenerator" or whatever floats y...
Simple micro-ORM for SQL Server, with first-class support for dynamics and async/await
Library which simplify the data access processing