Top 20 NuGet dapper Packages

The official collection of get, insert, update and delete helpers for Also handles lists of entities and optional "dirty" tracking of interface-based entities.
A high performance Micro-ORM supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Sqlite, SqlCE, Firebird etc..
Make dapper compatible with net40.(base on dapper 1.50.7)
AA.Dapper 基于dapper+dommel 开发 , 支持工作单元、仓储模式和原生dapper的操作
DataModeler data context libraries
Plato.Cache deployment package
Plato.Configuration deployment package
Plato.Security deployment package
Plato.Serializers deployment package
Plato.Core deployment package
Plato.WinAPI deployment package
Plato.Dapper deployment package
Plato.Messaging.AMQ deployment package
Plato.Messaging.RMQ deployment package
Simple Get, GetList, GetListPaged, Insert, Update, Delete, DeleteList, and RecordCount extensions for Dapper. Uses smart defaults for attribute free classes but can be overridden as needed. By default uses Id column as the primary key but this can be overridden with an attribute By default qu...
Dapper integration for Stove.
Fluent Object-Column Mappings for use with Dapper NOTE: This is not a part of the official Dapper project.
Extension handlers for entity framework
Adds extension to Dapper that allows you to build a query in a strongly typed manner.