Top 20 NuGet dto Packages

DTO infrastructure for SOA Solution
Core library for exposing a web service through Pomona.
A zero-configuration, highly-configurable object-object mapper with viewable execution plans. Projects queries, transforms, deep clones, updates and merges via extension methods, or a static or instance API. Targets .NET Standard 1.0+ and .NET 3.5+
Pomona shared library between server and client.
Generic DAO abstraction layer for CosmosDB using MongoDB interface
This library provides a set of tools to enable CRUD rapidly on any aspnetcore Web APIs.
Dtos for StandardDot
A fast, lightweight, cross-platform serialisation tool with support for safe contract evolution.
Pomona security extensions.
CodeGenHero is an amazing Visual Studio extension that enhances developer productivity via code generation. This package should be added to projects that are the target of CodeGenHero templates implementing the mapper pattern between data classes and DTO's.
Pomona helper library for NH3 querying.
Pomona helper library for NH4 querying.
Generic DAO abstraction layer for CosmosDB using MongoDB interface
BatMap - The Mapper we deserve, not the one we need. Opininated (yet another) mapper, mainly to convert between EF Entities and DTOs.
A simple helper for data-transformation between the software layer
Pomona simple scheduling library.
Generic Services is a .NET class library to help build a service layer, i.e. a layer that acts as a facard/adapter between your data layers containing an Entity Framework database and your User Interface or HTTP service.
A library that helps to create data transfer object
Powerful convention-based, customizable and fastest tool for object-object mapping.It is useful for Entity to DTO, DTO to Entity mapping strategies. Benchmark, unit tests, samples and documentation available from
Typescript definition file for BIA.Net.DataTable.MVC