Top 20 NuGet dependency Packages

This package allows Autofac to integrate with the log4net logging framework. The main feature of the package is its Log4NetModule for Autofac.
Topshelf.SimpleInjector provides extensions to construct your Topshelf service class from the SimpleInjector IoC container.
KY.Core.Common for .net Standard Contains Dependency Injection, Module Loader and some helper classes
Appeaser .NET Core DI extension
Provides IoC support for HyperMap and the Microsoft dependency injection framework
Exposes dependency injection modularization.
SpecFlow plugin for using SimpleInjector as a dependency injection framework for step definitions.
Dependency Injection support registration from assemblies.
.NET Core 3.1 Dependency Injection framework
.NET Core 3.1 Dependency Injection framework
.NET Core 3.1 Dependency Injection framework Abstractions
.NET Core 3.1 Dependency Injection framework Abstractions
Simple but powerful dependency management in .NET Core.
Exposes some AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) extensions which help registering and resolving proxies instead of concrete implementations through Microsoft built-in container with the main purpose of providing lazy loading/instantiation of resources.
A .NET Core based interception framework for AOP programming.
Startup modules for ASP.NET Core.
Azure.Data.Wrappers Class Library
Hyperbolic Solutions simple IoC framework
SimpleConfig allow applications to use configurations values from any data store in the type of interfaces, thus decouples the frameworks from your appliaction and allowing application to inject interfaces and nothing else. This framework should be used instead of .Net Core IOptions<T>.
Simple Annotated Dependency Injection library