Top 20 NuGet common Packages

Class library for working with common data formats and files and mapping them to and from C# objects.
Test utilities including Ioc.ServiceLocation and Ioc.ServiceLocation.Testability targeting the MSTest framework.
This libary provides a spring boot implementation abstraction
Data access libray
Free and Open Source fork of ServiceStack.Common V3 Common library dependency for other NServiceKit projects. Includes JSON, XML, JSV and SOAP Generic Service Clients. Contains: - NServiceKit.Interfaces - NServiceKit.Common Dependencies: - NServiceKit.Text
Common utilities for .NET applications
Common library dependency for other StackExpress projects. Includes JSON, XML, JSV and SOAP Generic Service Clients. Contains: - StackExpress.Interfaces - StackExpress.Common Dependenies: - StackExpress.Text
Provides commonly-used types like enum-like class.
Open-source base project for my Xamarin.Forms based AppCreator
Common markdown classes for .NET applications
This a common tools DataLayer
Common Logging Adapter for Elmah. Unlike similar packages, logs the HttpContext if that is available.
Common ink classes for .NET applications
Contains some basic extensions and a config helper
A common utilities kit set
.NET Library with types and functions used by other Sirius projects
A .NET Core Common Lib, Framework and Boilerplate.
Common functionalities and utilities for any .NET project
Common Runtime for Applications (CRA) is a software layer (library) that makes it easy to create and deploy distributed dataflow-style applications on top of resource managers such as Kubernetes, YARN, and stand-alone cluster execution. Currently, we support stand-alone executio...
Provides classes and utilities for building parsers uses XPath selectors.