Top 20 NuGet capgemini Packages

Log component to create log file, log sqlite database and graylog traces for webapi on .net core 3.0
Fody add-in that provides custom interception. Supports Net45, NetStandard2.0 and UWP. Method, Property, Constructor and Field interceptors can be found in the package Cauldron.BasicInterceptors (
Fluent helpers to abstract the boiler-plate associated with Unit Testing
A simple MVVM framework that heavily uses IL-weaving based on Fody.
Creating Windows Services is now a cake walk. This implementation can also handle localized service name and description.
Simple AOP Exception handler for .Net Controller classes integrated with Serilog.
Devon4Net.Domain.Context contains the extended class Devon4NetBaseContext in order to make easier the process of having a model context configured against different database engines. This configuration allows an easier testing configuration against local and in memory databases.
Adds ASP.NetCore methods and extensions to the Capgemini.SerializableResult NuGet
The Capgemini.Logger.ApplicationInsights NuGet has been created to facilitate testing of log statements whilst providing additional functionality specific to ApplicationInsights - e.g. the ability to log an Application Insights 'event' / pass almost any object to the Application Insights 'properties...
Custom interceptors for Cauldron.Interception.Fody that provides method, property, field and constructor interception.
Cauldron.Consoles is a Cauldron.Core based parameter parser which supports grouping of parameters in execution groups. It is also supports localization and has a nice parameter table :) Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
A simple localization implementation that can work with different sources. Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
The activator is a simple and fast dependency injection framework. It is based on attributes and does not require any configuration files for configuration. It also supports using static methods as component constructor. This version is not compatible with Assemblies weaved by versions older t...
Contains typical implementations for AES, RSA and RSA-AES encryptions. It also contains extensions that helps working with SecureString. Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.
Provides usefull extension methods. This assembly contains all funtions of the following packages: Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Comparing Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions.Compression Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions.Convertions Ca...
devonfw Swagger abstraction to provide full externalized easy configuration.
devonfw Extended controller to interact with JWT features
Circuit breaker to manage http communication. Added support to manage communication using a certificate via httpclient factory
Handles passing of parameters to running instance(s) of an application.
Consolidates methods for getting user information (profile picture, email address, home directory ect.) to a single class. Breaking changes in 3.1.x - See for more information.