Top 20 NuGet cake Packages

Cake Build addon for transfering files to and from Amazon S3.
A set of aliases for Cake to help with running Npm (Node Package Manager) commands
The Cake script runner.
Provides Slack aliases (extension methods on Cake context) for Cake.
DevOps scripts for CI and CD ## Main features - Based on CakeBuild - Supported OS: Windows, Linux - Supported CI: Travis, AppVeyor, Jenkins, any other - C# project generation or initialization with CI and CD included - Only two files: build.ps1 and All other files can be generated - No nee...
Provides aliases (extension methods on Cake context) that support CI, build, unit tests, zip, signing, etc. for Cake.
The Cake core library.
Cake Build addon to provide Aliases for common File operations (Reading, Writing, Replacing Text).
CodeCake offers code based support to Cake (see site).
Cake Git AddIn
The Cake script runner.
Re-usable build script for Cake that is focused on building and deploying Xamarin Mobile Applications.
TIKSN Cake Addin
Cake Build addin for using the MsDeploy command line interface (cli).
A set of aliases for Cake to help with running Gulp scripts as part of a build
Cake Build addon for executing some operations in MS Sql Server.
Cake extension that enables Cake scripts to obtain SimpleGitVersion information from current Git repository.
This Cake module will introduce a number of features for running in hosted CI build environments to tightly integrate with the host environment/tools.
Cake Build addon to provide Ascii art.
Wyam is a simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator. This library contains an addin for Cake for interacting with Wyam.