Top 20 NuGet cake Packages

Coverlet extensions for Cake Build
Wyam is a simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator. This library contains an addin for Cake for interacting with Wyam.
The Cake script runner.
The Cake core library.
Cake AddIn that provides useful extensions and additional aliases for Cake.Build scripts
Package Description
Cake Build addon for publishing websites via WebDeploy.
Provides aliases (extension methods on Cake context) that support CI, build, unit tests, zip, signing, etc. for Cake.
A Cake AddIn which provides compression functionality for BZip2, GZip and Zip.
Cake Build addon for executing some operations in MS Sql Server.
The Cake script runner.
Cake Build addin for Docker.
DevOps scripts for CI and CD ## Main features - Based on CakeBuild - Supported OS: Windows, Linux - Supported CI: Travis, AppVeyor, Jenkins, any other - C# project generation or initialization with CI and CD included - Only two files: build.ps1 and All other files can be generated - No nee...
Provides Slack aliases (extension methods on Cake context) for Cake.
A set of aliases for Cake to help with running Yarn (node package manager from Facebook) commands
Cake Build addon to provide Aliases for common File operations (Reading, Writing, Replacing Text).
The MsBuild support for the Cake.Issues addin for Cake allows you to read issues logged as warnings in a MsBuild log. This addin provides the aliases for reading MsBuild warnings and providing them to the Cake.Issues addin. It also requires the core Cake.Issues addin. There are also additional add...
The issues addin for Cake allows you to read issue from any code analyzer or linter. This addin provides the aliases for reading issues. It also requires one or more issue provider addins for the specific code anylzer or linter. There are also additional addins for generating reports or posting is...
Cake Build addon for Powershell.
Run sonar for msbuild