Top 20 NuGet cache Packages

Memcached provider for MVC.Utilities
BinaryRage - the ultra fast .NET key/value store. - BinaryRage is designed to be a lightweight ultra fast key/value store for .NET with no dependencies - It's production-ready - already in several large production-environments - Supports complex objects out of the box (and lists of objects) - 100% ...
Core libs of DotQuery, a lightweight query result caching framework for .NET
Mesmer is a Memoization Library for the .Net platform
Micua Core
A small library providing an easy way to cache objects with an expiration time.
An easy way to prevent caching of js and css files by browser if they are changed.
Working with a simple In-Memory Cache shouldn't cause anyone a headache. It should be simple to use and implemented at the click of a button. Enter MemoryCache, a very lightweight, thread safe In-Memory Cache ready to be used in scalable, multi-threaded solutions. MemoryCache is a .Net Library whic...
A WPF control that wraps the Image control with some filesystem caching
The deprecated, filesystem-based backend for Akavache
OMS.Deep is a weak reference cache.
A reflection cache library for .NET
Let face it - memory caching in .Net 3.5 is a pain. It tends to involve rolling your own solution or downloading something enormous (like MS enterprise libraries). This little package is designed to sit between the 2. If you need to know how it does what it does, the code is on github! Huzzah!
Simple in memory caching library with an optional castle windsor interceptor and cache decorator builder
Helps optimize static websites by fingerprinting resources
Metrosoft Internal Package for Cache Management
This class helps you make cached method calls, and ensures the delegate is called only once in multithreaded environments. Useful for loading resources from external urls, making web service calls, running expensive calculations, etc. Sample usage: var result = cm.CachedCall("my_key", 30, delegate...
Provides a lightweight, fast and extensible micro cache through memoization
Provides classes for deferred/lazy calculation of values.