Top 20 NuGet csharp Packages

Template to get you started with Dash.NET
Avalonia.Flexbox is a flexbox implementation for Avalonia.
Allows you dynamic execution of C# code.
Transpiles JASS source code to C# or lua.
styles and controls for your WPF applications without need WinRT. NOTE: This version is an unofficial version of the ModernWPF
In-Memory persistence and transport for OpenSleigh.
MongoDB persistence for OpenSleigh.
Baracuda OpenAPI Azure Functions NET Core 3.1 Generate the json file openAPI 3.0 and the front end view to interact with the API’s calls based on the setting defined in the json file openAPI 3.0. newest: Connection with Barracuda Identity Provider Package
The Binance CryptoCurrency exchange C# wrapper of the API. It is built in dotnet core, supports all REST and WebSocket endpoints, has full logging capabilities, a built in Cache for selected endpoints, a Rate limiter and more. Enjoy Binance API data, fast and reliably.
A netstandard2.0 utility based on IStringLocalizer and Json
C# library for using xiaomi smart gateway in your scenarious
A set of C# templates for your .Net Gtk Application.
The Thor Generator is a tool that helps you to generat event sources from interfaces.
Lightweight LINQ query builder
Build amazing cross-platform web apps using pure standard .NET, .C#, and XAML. Powered by Bridge.NET
Wiz DotNet Core API Template
SyncData is a framework for Bi-Directional Synchronization in .NET applications.
Official BlockFacts C#/.NET Core SDK including Rest and WebSocket API support.
Official BlockFacts C#/.NET SDK including Rest and WebSocket API support.
Collection of color pickers for Xamarin Forms Android, iOS, and UWP.