Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

Ultimate Zip for .NET ( lets your apps open and create compression archives including ZIP, TAR, TGZ and GZ on-the-fly. The library is highly optimized for performance and memory, making it ideal for applications running on servers. The library can be used in ...
Ultimate SFTP for .NET ( allows your apps to connect to remote SFTP and SSH servers as well as transfer and manage remote files and directories with just a few lines of code. It includes many advanced features including: - Transfer multiple files at once ...
Ultimate FTP for .NET ( allows you to manage local files and directories. It also lets you transfer files and data from local storage to FTP/SSL servers and vice versa. It supports latest TLS/SSL version and work with almost all FTP servers smoothly. It inclu...
Extensions and helpers of Ark.Tools.Sql for SqlServer
Extensions and helpers of Ark.Tools.Sql for Oracle
Extension to use Ark.Tools.Solid framework using SimpleInejector
SqlServer based state provider for ResourceWatcher
Watcher over listable resources with support for change detection, retry limit and state.
Newtonsoft.Json support for Ark.Tools.Nodatime extensions classes
NLog configuration helper and extensions for Ark standard configuration using code and not config files.
Core language tools or utilities over dependencies
Extensions of AspNetCore for supporting MessagePack formatting
Extensions of Auth0 for AspNetCore
Core tools around Flurl and HttpClient
Ultimate SFTP Server helps you create your own SFTP & SCP server to provide secure remote file system access over an SSH channel using the SFTP protocol with a few lines of code. Intuitive API and compatible with many SFTP, SCP and SSH clients including the Ultimate SFTP client library. You can try...
Ultimate Mail is a suite consisting of MIME, IMAP, POP3, and SMTP components. It adds the capability of receiving, uploading and managing e-mails, and managing mailboxes in your .NET applications. The package also allows you to create, encrypt, sign, and send e-mail messages as well as validate sign...
This add 2-way synchronization capability to your .NET apps that use our Ultimate FTP, SFTP, ZIP or File System libraries.
Check email addresses whether they are valid or not without sending actual mail messages to the receipients. It supports many sources like list, text file, CSV, DataTable, etc. The library can be used in .NET, .NET Standard, Xamarin iOS, Android, Mac, CF, and Uwp.
The Ultimate Bounce Inspector is a high-performance library that enables your .NET applications to easily inspect and categorize bounced email messages with a few lines of code. Bounce Inspector can scan EML and Outlook MSG messages loaded from many sources such as local files, memory stream, IMAP a...
ComponentPro Common Network Lib for .NET comprise utility classes used by Ultimate FTP, SFTP, Mail, Terminal, SFTP Server, Email Validator, Bounce Inspector, and Netkit.