Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

C# Process memory reader/writer
SQL Server compatible utility scripts to assist in the creation of C/R/U/D stored procedures and tables, and / or C# code based on table definitions
Maybe monad implementation for C# with query syntax support.
A .NET Standard library provides some useful algorithms. -------------------- When to use Sunday Quick-Search Sunday Quick-Search algorithm in this libary provides the extension for three Types(IEnumerable<T> where T : IEquatable<T>, String, Byte[]), and it may not fit all situations, becouse it's ...
A .NET Standard library provides some useful data type conversions.
WebServices Dynamic
C# Inline Animations based on actionscript tween and motion libraries includes Robert Penner's easing functions
API Library for QuickCommander.
Infrastructure for coding on C#.
Beginning C# 7 .NET Standard CardLib
This is an unofficial package wrapping Awesomium .Net wrapper into a nuget to ease up CI. And fix files not found on vs2017.
C# Animations based on actionscript "Tween" and "Motion" classes includes Robert Penner's easing functions Sample:
Data Structures for C#
A simple and lightweight TCP server library
Libreria portable de conexión a Web API para aplicaciones Xamarin.
Basic expression tree based rule engine for .net applications.
A .NET android Library that simplifies the process of preparing and setting up MediaPlayer.
Simplified sockets for client/server comunication