Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

Mersenne-Twister random number generator from C++11 in .NET
An implementation of Monad in C#. For use as a DTO in personal projects. Provides a simple data transform and DTO for return value guarantee.
TinySine USB/Wireless Relay Module TOSR1x - Interfacing Library for .NET
A quick way to validate any model with lambda expressions.
Gracefully Coding. For Universal Windows Platform.
Redux implementation for C# with reactive extensions support
amend is a cloud-based service that provides an end-to-end image management solution including uploads, storage, manipulations, optimizations and delivery.
Event aggregation (Pub-Sub) library for Xamarin and .NET applications. This is basically the MvvmCross Messenger plugin without the MvvmCross part
DoLog is a logging application which helps you to log in a CSV file by just plugged in. Install it through Nuget package and your logging functionality is ready. Steps to Add DoLog: 1. Run the command from Nuget package manager console. 2. Add the namespace using DoLogLibrary; // put it in names...
Provides CRUD wrappers around the Dapper Micro-ORM, and SQL generation for Selects built from C# expression trees. Built from a fork of Dapper.Contrib
Allows you to create post-build MSBuild tasks within the currently building assembly
A part of PushSharp,only support push apple
Twitter Dll
This is a C# extension library which provides quick and easy solutions to everyday annoying coding casting and conversion problems, making everyday coding life easier. This package is growing and improving daily, any bugs or problems that are found it'd be very appreciated for your support and you e...
A library for enhancing the use of PubNub's C# APIs in CTI's .NET applications
This is a C# logging system which allows quick and creating of a log file and asynchronous updates and provides inteligent log features including log tracking and is able to extract data from an exception.
Workflow Pattern .NET
Workflow Pattern .NET
A Service Stack Auth provider that authenticates using a JWT and Auth0.
Reflector Library to make it convenient to make .NET reflection calls. Very useful for dynamic user input.