Top 20 NuGet c# Packages

N-Tier Entity Framework server base library.
Common base library N-Tier Entity Framework.
A fully managed implementation of a Foundation Ogg Vorbis decoder.
This package includes GPPG 1.5.2 and GPLEX 1.2.2 tools for compiling YACC and LEX source files in your C# project. After installing this package, just type "Add-Parser MyLanguage" into Package Manager Console to add a new parser in your project and then Build. For a working example type...
Contains a set of useful analyzers for C#. Requires at least VS2017. For a list of all the analyzers see
Static C# class to generate random names based upon gender.
CaptchaMvc will implement your web MVC applications easier and more reliable protection. Features: You can easily change or extend the current implementation of the captcha. By default there are two types of captcha, plain and mathematical. Supports MVC 3, MVC 4, MVC 5. Supports for storing captcha...
NDatabase is a simple .Net Object Database. To avoid impedance mismatch overhead between Object and Relational worlds, give a try to NDatabase. NDatabase is a new generation Object Database: a real native and transparent persistence layer for .Net. - Object because the basic persistent unit is an ...
Package Description
Package Description
Provides Windows file system access via .Net model and other low level components useful for MVVM applications.
Collection of regular expressions for all kind of chess moves.
Unofficial C# wrapper for the official ASUS Aura SDK
This dll is a collection of useful .Net 2.0 utilities that I have used extensively over the years
An implementation of WebClient that is open for modification.
Configuration.EntityFramework.Localization provides custom localization components. These components leverage Configuration.EntityFramework for persistence
A set of controllers to help simplify Process, WMI, Network, and Service calls.
Collection of chess pieces which know where to move on the board. They just return pseudo moves or possible moves like if the board were empty.
I-Synergy library for external websites .Net Core 2.0
Extension methods to ease your everyday development life.