Top 20 NuGet bots Packages

Contains Bot Builder SDK extensions for developing bots for Microsoft Teams exposing functionality which is otherwise not present in Bot Builder SDK.
Telegram Bot API wrapper for .NET
Automatically ignore errors generated by bots, webcrawlers, spiders and similar. Deprecated: enable the Crawlers filter on the Filters tab.
Read from the protocol directly, and add reverse compatibility to your bot.
Bindings of the Facebook Messenger Send API classes for .NET to building bots
Discord Bots List API Wrapper
The Microsoft Real-time Media Platform enables bots to interact with Skype and Microsoft Teams calls and Microsoft Teams meetings using real-time voice, video and screen sharing. This is an advanced capability which allows the bot to send and receive voice and video content frame by frame. The bot h...
Adapter for Discord.Net
Microsoft Research Multi-Device Experiences (MDX) Utilities Package that contains the shared caching, logging, and HTML microdata parsers implementations.
This package will allow you to create a C# dotnet bot using .NET Core and V4 Bot Builder. Tested with .NET Core 2.1. Installs references to bot builder 4.0.7.
Microsoft Research Multi-Device Experiences (MDX) LanguageModel Package that contains ML models for interactive task completions