Top 20 NuGet biztalk Packages

Enables testing of BizTalk integrations with dynamic send ports
This is a BizTalk helper that allows you to create an empty instance of a schema, with all nodes available
Helper methods to lookup simple config data from different stores..
Sample BizTalk BAM Tracking profile. Contains tracking profile definition, scripts for stand-alone deployment, components for using the API from .net code
This component copies message context as commented XML node before the root's closing tag.
This component enables you to attach you message parts to an e-mail and allows you to send HTML-formatted e-mail with the ability to apply XSLT on your body message.
Typed Framework for BizTalk BAM API. Quickly implement BAM activities as a typed POCO class. Requires Microsoft BizTalk Server to be installed.
Every BizTalk developer needs and uses the tracing and logging feature especially development environment. Some circumstances we need to log and trace something in production environment even though this negatively impacts the performance of production environment. Basically System.Diagnostic.Trac...
Ensures that the Root node is not a self-closed tag.