Top 20 NuGet binding Packages

Bring the power of Rx to collections using Dynamic Data. Dynamic Data is a comprehensive caching and data manipulation solution which introduces domain centric observable collections. Linq extensions enable dynamic filtering, sorting, grouping, transforms, binding, pagination, data virtualisat...
Xamarin.iOS bindings for OpenTok SDK for iOS. The OpenTok iOS SDK lets you use OpenTok-powered video sessions in apps you build for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.
HTML template to JSON object parser. Two-way binding.
Make reactive ui even more powerful by integrating with dynamic data and making use of it's numerious operators. Dynamic data provides an observable cache and an observable list with at least 50 collection specific operators for each.
MVVM-style two way data-binding system for Unity.
Xamarin bindings to the native Android OpenTok SDK. The OpenTok Android SDK lets you use OpenTok-powered video sessions in apps you build for Android devices.
The Red5 Pro Streaming SDKs are native libraries and frameworks to add to your iOS, Android and Web-Based (HTML/JS/CSS) projects to connect to a Red5 Pro Server and broadcast or subscribe to a live video stream.
Making App Development Easier with a collection of common MVVM helpers and extensions for .NET projects across Windows, Android, and iOS.
.NET Library to support binding to Action and Func
CalcBinding - small library providing Binding markup extension with path expressions directly in xaml
docx4j is an open source (ASLv2) Java library for docx/pptx/xlsx, similar in concept to Open XML SDK, but with its own particular strengths including content control databinding (with OpenDoPE enhancements), XHTML import/export, PDF output, and MERGEFIELD processing. This is the .NET version o...
C# bindings for raylib, a simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.
BindableProperties is a class library which provides a bindable properties system similar to "Microsoft WPF Dependency Properties" and "Xamarin Bindable Properties" systems. The biggest difference of BindableProperties to those systems is that it does NOT depend on any other 3rd party platform or fr...
Minimalist MVVM framework for .NET.
ASP.NET Core component for Inetdev Framework Std. A .NET Core library for common web requirements.
ASP.NET component for Inetdev Framework Std. A .NET Framework library for common web requirements.
This Framework provides functionality like WPF DependencyObjects. Supporting value inheritance, change notification and Attached Property’s. Support for binding will follow. Easy to use thanks to code generation. For more information see Project site.
JSON parser with binary support and validation capabilities, based on a popular, standard schema syntax (subset of ASN.1, used as JSON schema). Data serialization in JSON and DER formats. Run-time schema loading, schema evolution, dynamic bindings. Start with schema-less JSON and transition into sc...
ASP.NET Core multi-tenancy component for Inetdev Framework Std. A .NET Core library for multi-tenant web requirements.
Xamarin iOS binding library of Texture - iOS framework built on top of UIKit that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive.