Top 20 NuGet binding Packages

Minimalist MVVM framework for .NET.
Agora Xamarin SDK for Xamarin.Forms. Supports iOS, Android and MacOS
Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes it easier to develop cross-platform application using the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern. The Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes extensive use of Net Standard Library to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applications. The Mugen MVVM Toolkit provides a cross-pl...
Bring the power of Rx to collections using Dynamic Data. Dynamic Data is a comprehensive caching and data manipulation solution which introduces domain centric observable collections. Linq extensions enable dynamic filtering, sorting, grouping, transforms, binding, pagination, data virtualisat...
Xamarin bindings to the native iOS Full SDK.
Xamarin bindings to the native Android Full SDK.
Xamarin bindings to the native iOS Voice SDK.
This Package includes the MagnaDB Framework Library which consists of Object-Oriented Data Manipulation Tools in .NET Framework
Xamarin bindings to the native Android Voice SDK.
JSON parser with binary support and validation capabilities, based on a popular, standard schema syntax (subset of ASN.1, used as JSON schema). Data serialization in JSON and DER formats. Run-time schema loading, schema evolution, dynamic bindings. Start with schema-less JSON and transition into sc...
Xamarin.iOS bindings for OpenTok SDK for iOS. The OpenTok iOS SDK lets you use OpenTok-powered video sessions in apps you build for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.
Xamarin bindings to the native Android OpenTok SDK. The OpenTok Android SDK lets you use OpenTok-powered video sessions in apps you build for Android devices.
Auto DependencyProperty in WPF with Fody.
Auto DependencyProperty in UWP with Fody.
Auto BindableProperty in Xamarin.Forms with Fody.
XML Serialization library for XSD 1.0 and 1.1 compliance (Runtime Library Only). Download the Liquid XML Objects code generator and Visual Studio extension from the project page.
A library containing a Property class that supports bindings, mapping bindings, readonly views and notifications via INotifyPropertyChanged.
Make reactive ui even more powerful by integrating with dynamic data and making use of it's numerious operators. Dynamic data provides an observable cache and an observable list with at least 50 collection specific operators for each.
A .NET Standard class library with helpers to assist with bindings in an MVVM environment.
A collection of IValueConverter for UWP apps.