Top 20 NuGet basic Packages

Owin Basic Authentication
The Cuemon.AspNetCore.Authentication namespace contains types that enable support for authentication using the concept of an Authenticator, AuthorizationHeader and (to tie the knots) an AuthorizationHeaderBuilder. The namespace is an addition to the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication namespace.
Movere is an implementation of managed dialogs for Avalonia.
dotnet-properties is a .NET Core global tool which allows to edit project properties using a cross-platform UI.
Basic Authentication Middleware
Basic Api Requirements with Owin
Developer's Basic Utilities
Basic Authentication AddIn for Restler.
ASP.NET Core middleware that enables an application to use Basic authentication.
Basic Auth (basic-auth) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
sendwithus client (netstandard)
Basic authentication core library
Simple implementation of basic authentication using only one dll and one xml file with credentials.
[FX4.0] This module contains BasicAuthenticationHttpModule module that allow you using easily a custom basic http authentication for every IIS/ASP.NET hosted applications, like also WCF REST, WCF SOAP, OData Services & so on...
Basic Authentication implementation for fluent security. No tests in place as I just wanted to throw this up to get things working. See for examples of how to use.
Provide an easy way to use http basic authentification
Library provides WCF Rest behaviors extension - EnableCorsBehavior - CustomAuthenticationBehavior - TypedUriTemplateBehavior See more details here:
Basic Authentication for WebApi projects deployed as Azure Web Apps behind an API Management
Types.Hexadecimal is a library providing simple types and extensions to support hexadecimal (hex) numeral system.