Top 20 NuGet bim Packages

XbimTeam have changed the approach to the Nuget packages ID. Xbim.PropertySets.4 has been discontinued, but an alternative is available; the alternative package is called "Xbim.PropertySets". To install it, you can proceed as follows: Case 1: If you want to install Xbim.PropertySets support from s...
IMPORTANT: This is a .NETStandard 2.0 version for testing xBIM Cobie provides an object model for handling the Cobie schema used in both the UK and US implementations. It supports easy transformation from Ifc to Cobie and exports to Spreadsheet, JSOn and XML formats.
Копия библиотеки MahApps.Metro версии 2.0.0 (.Net Framework 4.5)
xBIM PropertySets is part of the xBIM Toolkit that implements buildingSMART schema for property and quantity sets. It can be used to load the descriptive data about properties and/or quantities and create real properties and quantities based on these definitions. This library implements Ifc2...
WeXplorer is the visualization part of xBIM toolkit that deals with vizualization of IFC data on web using preprocessed wexBIM file. It uses cutting edge web technologies like WebGL so it is not supposed to work in old browsers but should work very well with Chrome or Mozzilla since 2011, IE11 and o...
Export BIM IFC files to SVG, IGES, OBJ, XML, DAE and so on
BIM Inspector API Client Library
ForgeAuthor Extension Gltf provides the ability to convert Forge SVF Model to glTF/glb. Note: Draco compression is only available on x64 machines.
IFCModel - модель, представленная в файле SharpDXRenderer : IIFCRenderer - отображение на контроле
A class library of the COBie spread data schema which allows reading and writing to excel Spread Sheets
A client for RoomTools REST API.
Family Manager API Client Library
Revit 2017 addin common fx library.
Bimlab Security Client Library
ToolsUpdater Rest API Client Library
Revit API 2019 dlls
BIM Data Service API Client Library