Top 20 NuGet azure Packages

Monitors exceptions in your application and automatically collects snapshots for offline analysis.
This package provides Diagnostics functionality to be used by Service Fabric Actors and Service framework. This package is intended to be used by other official Microsoft ServiceFabric packages only.
This is the next generation Azure Service Bus .NET Standard client library that focuses on queues & topics. For more information about Service Bus, see
This package contains the interfaces required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
Microsoft Azure KeyVault key encryption support. This package was built from the source code at
This package contains assemblies required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
This package provides a C# based durable task framework for writing long running applications.
Targets files to enable the Visual Studio Tools for Containers.
Provides management capabilities for Front Door services.
Write Serilog events to Azure DocumentDB
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Adds an image service and cache to ImageProcessor.Web that uses Azure Blob Containers. If you use ImageProcessor.Web please get in touch via my twitter @james_m_south Feedback is always welcome
This package contains the reference assemblies required to build a Service Fabric service.
This package contains the common Actor Framework APIs for building and connecting to reliable services on Microsoft Service Fabric.
This package provides the necessary MSBuild files that support Service Fabric Application projects.
Provides management capabilities for Network services.
This package provides AspNetCore Kestrel based communication listener for Service Fabric microservices.
Azure WebJobs SDK Extension for the Durable Task Framework
Azure SQL Management SDK library
A supercharged .NET SDK for Azure CosmosDB with ORM support