Top 20 NuGet azure Packages

Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into an Azure Document DB database
Store Audit.NET Logs into an Azure Blob Storage
Official C# client library For Mailjet API version 3. Documentation:
It’s 100% managed code and doesn’t require special manipulations to run with any .NET framework version starting from 2.0. PDF standard versions supported are: ALL versions. Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, incrementally updated. - We support many possible PDF content...
NOTE: As of version 9.4.0, this library has been split into multiple parts and replaced: See,,, and https://www.nug...
Autofac integration for Azure Service Fabric. Provides service factory implementations for Actors, Stateful Services and Stateless Services.
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Analytics
This is a .NET Framework enhancement framework. Main features are Versioning, Finance, Currency, Foreign Exchange, Money, Pricing strategy, Telemetry, Composite Weighted Progress, Repository and Unity of Wok pattern implementation with Entity Framework Core, Network Connectivity Service and Triggeri...
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
A lucene style query parser that is extensible and allows additional syntax features.
A Serilog sink that supports Azure App Services 'Diagnostics logs' and 'Log stream' features.
C# client library and examples for using SendGrid API's to send mail and access Web API v3 endpoints with .NET Standard 1.3 and .NET Core support. Github repo located at :
Provides infrastructure for common error handling, tracing, configuration, and HTTP/REST-based pipeline manipulation for REST clients generated with Hyak.
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with Microsoft Azure DocumentDB for CQRS.NET
Provides developers with libraries for managing Azure Media Services using the Azure Resource Manager API.
A lucene style query parser that is extensible and allows additional syntax features.
Provides developers with a library to create and manage all Azure EventGrid resources.
This client library provides access to the Microsoft Azure Batch service.
Device SDK for Azure IoT Hub
Provides management capabilities for Microsoft Azure IotHub.