Top 20 NuGet aspnetcore Packages

ASP.NET Core Kestrel server extension to enable synchronous response write operations safely.
This package implements a piece of ASP.NET Core middleware, rick rolling anyone requesting invalid URLs.
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A set of extensions to add flash message feature to ASP.NET Core projects.
Debug proxy for use when building Blazor applications. This package was built from the source code at
Provides services for storing data in the browser's localStorage. The stored data is protected using AES encryption and decryption functions.
NSwag support for Enumeration class to generate Enumeration as an Enum type schema.
Custom model binder to allow Enumeration class pass as a query string parameter.
This library adds a few helpful components: If, ProgressBar, GenericTable
Xml Export for Core
Goblin Resource Service
Goblin Identity Service
A wrapper for creating an instance of IIS-Express server for ASP.NET Core integration testing.
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A base controller to obtains notifications from bus notification store of Praticis Framework and format a json response with details level based on environment.
Expands client certificate validation using a certificate store. Also provides a UI for managing the certificate store.
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Package Description
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