Top 20 NuGet array Packages

Byte array wrapper to ease data type conversions
Get array sorted in no time
Common extensions by DioLive Studio
Drop-in-place Memory and Performance optimizations for LINQ
FastCgi Immutable Array library
The native Powershell module contain cmdlet Get-Chunk splits an array into arrays each not exceeding the given size.
Provides a set of helpful Combinatoric assets for use during operation.
Full-featured implementation of mathematical data types including complex numbers’ quaternion and various sizes of matrices and vectors. Support for most of the math functions for basic maths, linear algebra, rounding, comparison, log, exp, powering etc. Support single-precision and double-precision...
this plugin allows to get byte[] pcm data from android and ios microphone and allows to play byte[] pcm data on Android and iOS
An extended version of the Array to accelerate operation, easy to use, multi dimensional. With SuperchargedArray.Accelerated namespace you will unlock SIMD potential to run the Array operation on any hardware like Intel CPU/GPU, NVIDIA, AMD etc.
Demonstrates usage of the Xunit.Theoretical Test Cases base class.
Provides a foundation upon which Xunit Theory Class Data may be generated more succinctly.