Top 20 NuGet argument Packages

Provide tool for create command line interface for C# projects
Simple argument parser with magnetism.
A command line argument parser library
Fluent utility helper for argument validation. Follow the WIKI at:
Library for expressing side effects by creating a contract for beginning value (arguments). This technique can be referred to as "design by contract", "defense programming" or "guard methods". The Suckless Assert is much faster and simpler than other similar libraries that support fluent API and can...
Isop is a library to help simplify and structure command line apps.
A library to check your arguments in a simple comfort way. This library do not use Expression or nameof. It is based on Func<T>. So no performance issue during positive argument check.
Validate input arguments, members or fields with Validate.That(…) call. One-line call per field, no extra classes required. Auto-disovers field name based on expression. Allows extending with own validators as well as overriding validation exception. Check out GitHub for more docs and usage exampl...
Parse and process main arguments
This library allows our fellow programmers to easily parse some command line arguments without having spend hours reading the documentation. SimpleArgParse is inspired by the python module 'argparse' and was created due to the lack of easy-to-use argument parsers.