Top 20 NuGet archive Packages

InternetArchive.API package for searching, including advanced search capabilities, and support for detailed and custom metadata.
HAR Http Archive format API Core
A .Net library to abstract file access to file system and compressed archives. Supports file system, Zip, Rar, Tar, 7Zip, GZip.
Library to make it easy to work with HTTP archives in .NET.
A wrapper around System.IO.Compression for memory's sake. Listen, these can't all be winners.
Access archives supported by 7-zip as a virtual file system
Fully fledged library to work with Valve's Pak (VPK) archives
A .Net Standard library for reading and writing GNU tar archives.
Package Description
Archiver for WinRT is a powerful utility for compressing and decompressing files and folders. Up until now, managing compressed files has been a huge pain in WinRT and Windows 8. Moreover, using the built-in mechanism, you couldn't compress a folder with its subfolders and files. Archiver makes com...
LittlePack allows you to archive multiple file into one compressed package.
Library for loading .big archives
A fluent library of wonderful extensions and utilities that can make your code short and clean.
CRUD operations for Microsoft Cabinet Format in pure C#.
PartialZip is a .NET-Standard library to download specific files from remote .zip archives.