Top 20 NuGet angularjs Packages

A status spinner/message directive
AngularJS starter kit Spa secured server
AngularJS starter kit Spa
Constellation Client library for AngularJS
AngularStrap is a set of directives that enables seamless integration of Twitter Bootstrap into your AngularJS app. Packaged by Francesco Pontillo.
Ever wanted a flash like mechanism that occurred after a redirect in AngularJS? Flashr alleviates all the setup of flashing and notifications inside of your application using toastr. Display notifications now or later. Simple Examples"your message"); flashr.later.success("your...
Based on AngularJS 1.3.0-rc.4. Bundled & Minified .js File.
Razor shortcuts for generating markup for AngularJS markup based on .NET models.
Quickly create nvd3.js charts with Angular.js
The primary focus of this package is to expose the .NET Framework's data validation syntax to AngularJS without other dependencies.
An automatic validation module for AngularJS which gets rid of excess html in favour of dynamic element modification to notify the user of validation errors
The basic idea: each time we add one or more promises to an instance of a promiseTracker, that instance's active() method will return true until all added promises are resolved. A common use case is showing some sort of loading spinner while some http requests are loading.
Toggle Switches for AngularJS. Based off Bootstrap switch by Matt Lartentis.
An AngularJS directive for NVD3 reusable charting library (based on D3). Easily customize your charts via JSON API
An all angular/native JS ranger slider that is mobile friendly and super fast.
General use components for HTML5 and JavaScript®/TypeScript/AngularJS: Calendar, date picker, time picker, multi-selector combo box, toggle button, tree-grid, etc.
Javascript client for accessing secure WebAPI services incl. (social/facebook) authentication
A multi select dropdown directive for AngularJS. Allows you to use HTML tags and CSS in the data. Requires only AngularJS and nothing else.
TypeScript base classes for AngularJS web applications.
Server exception handling in the client for TypeScript AngularJS web applications.