Top 20 NuGet angularjs Packages

A set of awesome modern components that you can use in every Web project
Advanced HTML5 mobile development framework and SDK. Build incredible mobile apps with web technologies you already know and love. Best friends with AngularJS.
A handy wrapper for SignalR Hubs. Just specify the hub name, listening functions, and methods that you're going to use.
Angular directive to show an animated spinner (using spin.js).
Task hierarchy and resource scheduling components for HTML5 and JavaScript®/TypeScript/AngularJS: Gantt Chart, Schedule Chart, Load Chart; PERT Chart, Network Diagram. Main features: Interactive task hierarchy management and resource scheduling charts; Task bars and dependency lines supporting drag ...
Angular 1.x directives for the Office UI Fabric. Note you will need to also acquire (via NuGet or by referencing from a CDN) the Angular JS libraries and Office UI Fabric CSS for these to work.
Why waste time developing and bloating your templates with repetative form html. Instead just specify a schema for the form, and the model you want to bind it to and you're done! Check the project site for details and examples.
A scaffold for building an application with Zurb for Applications and .Net that includes OWIN Token based authentication.
This will inject the angularJs intellisense file to your project, along with adding a _references.js file that allows for auto-update of references to drive intellisense. For the auto-update of _references.js you can disable by setting the flag to 'false'
Magical automatic pagination for anything in AngularJS
A set of Angular directives designed to rapidly build modern web applications. Featuring a simple to design grid with a lot of features like server side pagination, multi-column filtering, exporting to CSV in client side. Starting version 1.0.1 the Local Data and OData support is not longer in the ...
Moment.JS directives for AngularJS (timeago and more)
BlockUI wrapped in an AngularJS Directive by Null McNull, packaged into NuGet by Jaans.
AngularJS bindings for jQuery UI Sortable
A framework that combines WebSharper and Angular to allow F# coding of all aspects of a SPA client and server
Google analytics module for Angulartics. See Angular.Analytics.Core for more details [NuGet packaging by ADAPTByDesign]
Web analytics for AngularJS applications Vendor-agnostic & extensible: Avoid dealing with vendor-specific code. If your provider of choice is not among the existing plugins, just write your own. Ready to use: Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Chartbeat and are supported out of th...
Memory Player is a lonely AngularJS module that is written in TypeScript and seeking to befriend musicians. Asked if Memory Player has the qualities of a good friend it replied, "No. A best friend." These qualities include page-to-page continued audio playback, support for playlists, and shareabilit...
ASP.NET MVC bundle and MsBuild task that combine multiple AngularJS templates into one file.
Swiss-Army-Knife of AngularJS tools (with no external dependencies!)