Top 20 NuGet analysis Packages

Brood War Terrain Analyzer written in .NET (choke points, regions detection)
Object Analysis Toolkit is a Data-as-Code analyzer for C# objects.
Microsoft Research Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI) is a set of libraries and an application programming interface (API) that supports some of the functionality that is common to compilers and related programming tools. CCI is used primarily by applications that create, modify or analyze .NET po...
Static code analysis rule set used in Kentico projects.
Unofficial package containing Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.dll file from Microsoft SQL Server.
A library for static structural analysis of 2D and 3D frames and trusses. This is an incomplete C# version of Frame3DD (sourced from
Adapter for NLog, reports all logged exceptions to Coderr
An internal deployment package that allows for Algorithmia algorithm .net support
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Overrides for FxCop style rules.
The LINQ extension library is a collection of extensions written in C# that help in common programming tasks related to arrays, collections and any other type of enumerable.
A script pack for ScriptCS that brings in the code analysis metrics.
Provides custom Reactive Extensions Related types and helpers.
Automates exception handling for ASP.NET MVC v5 applications
Genome Utilities (GeUtilities) provides open-source building-blocks for genomic data analysis tools.