Top 20 NuGet alert Packages

The usual Toast for Xamarin.Android, but with steroids
Custom toast messages for Xamarin.Android
🍞 Make your native Android Toasts Tasty
Beautiful and material alert dialog to use in your Xamarin.Android app
AlertifyJS is a javascript framework for developing pretty browser dialogs and notifications.
iOS UIAlertView for Xamarin.Android. Source and demo available on
Library to create fully customizable Twitter Bootstrap styled alerts
An Android library to build flying animated toast message.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for TecOrb-Developers' SmartAlertDialog. Easily create alert dialog in Android
Extension of Windows Forms. - Messagebox
jquery plugin, provides simple notification (with timeout and close button). jQuery UI themes compatible. Localization support.
JQuery.Inflop.Bootstrap.Alert offers a simple way to show, manipulate and customize standard Bootstrap alerts by calling one jquery function.
Interactvie Alerts fo Xamarin iOS/Android/PCL
Grace Alert View for Xamarin Forms
Blazor JavaScript Utilities.
Includes DLLs for sending growl notifications from your applications (as in the .NET SDK) Also includes a helper class to enable sending of simple notifications with just one line of code. I do not own Growl. I just put it into a NuGet package. All original code belongs to Christopher Forsythe and t...
A small JavaScript library including a jQuery plugin wich allows you to easily create dialogs, prompts and alerts using Twitter's Bootstrap framework. Powerfull, flexible and yet, easy to use. You ca go from a basic alert to adding a confirmation dialog to a form with a single line of code or yet, ...
This jquery is used for the Customized Model Popup alert box for the web Applications. -SpMsgbox