Top 20 NuGet ado Packages

Portable cross-platform ADO-style SQLite library enabling table-record-level and table-column-level encryption. *Please see the project site for details about what this library does, and how to use it.*
Helper class for ADO.NET
CrmAdo is an ADO.Net data provider for Dynamics Crm. It's goal is to make it easy for you to perform CRUD operations against Dynamics Crm. It exposes Dynamics to you as an ordinary ADO.Net data source that you can execute SQL commands against. It allows you to use the familiar ADO.Net classes to con...
Specialized ADOMD DB provider
Oracle Provider for the Simple.Data data access library using Managed ODP.NET driver.
Npgsql for CrateDB is a fork of the Npgsql project containing the necessary changes to use Npgsql as a .NET data provider for CrateDB. We are working to get these changes merged into the original Npgsql project which would make this package obsolete.
Database connector for MSSQL with ADO.
This package contains an ADO.NET meta-data provider for the CG.Security package. Platforms supported: .NET 4.6x or above .NET Standard 2.x .NET Core 2.x
Conversor ADO.Net DataReader para Entity
ADO.NET utilities
A Portable (PCL), Opinionated .NET ORM with multi-database support. Current DB Support includes SqlServer (=> 2012) and Sqlite. This library gives you the ability to create a portable repository and deploy it against any ADO database across multiple platforms Including Windows, Android, and iOS. Cur...
Helpers for execute ADO Queries
Provides various methods for interacting with a database.
PostgreSql adapter for Simple.Data
Simple ADO is a .NET Standard package (previously would have been a Portable Class Library - PCL) that provides simple ADO-style operations for local databases; SimpleAdo.Sqlite supports local SQLite databases. It has SqliteConnection, SqliteCommand and SqliteDataReader functionality for executing ...
.NET DbConnection wrapper for retries, making a standard DbConnection more reliable to transient failures.
The JDBC Library provides a JDBC access layer for ADO.NET.
Informix ADO provider for the Simple.Data data access library.
Oracle Provider for the Simple.Data data access library using Devart dotConnect.
Firebird adapter for Simple.Data framework