Top 20 NuGet aspnetwebpages Packages

The IE9 Helper is an ASP.NET WebPages helper which easily adds IE9 functionality to your website.
The OData Helper makes it easy to write queries against OData-enabled services with the minimum amount of code.
Create .publishSettings files for publishing sites with WebMatrix.
The QuickEdit helper is designed to make your WebMatrix sites editable. When the helper is in place, the users from your site that belong to a group (or role) that you define, will see an Edit button that launches an editor to update the content displayed there. On the other side, unregistered users...
A simple syndication library for exposing an Atom and RSS feed based on data within your application. This version is tailored specifically for use within WebMatrix.
Extends "string" class.
WebMatrix helper for Bing Translator Widget and API
ASP.NET Web Pages helpers for displaying Twitter widgets like Follow Me and Tweet Buttons.
UrlShortener is a WebMatrix helper that will shorten urls.
UrlShortener is a WebMatrix helper that will shorten urls.
The UserVoice Helper for WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages allows you to easily add UserVoice feedback functionality to your site.
Adds syntactical sugar for working with loops in ASP.NET pages
Enables routing in ASP.Net WebPages applications. Usage and samples located under the docs folder.
Windows Azure storage services provide persistent, redundant storage in the cloud. The Windows Azure Storage helper, allows you to easily retrieve and insert data into Blobs and Tables of Windows Azure Storage Services.
This is the ASP.NET Web Pages Wishlist template from Microsoft.
MvcPages combines the simplicity of ASP.NET Web Pages with the power of ASP.NET MVC. Use model binding, model validation, strongly-typed HTML helpers, editor and display templates, etc. directly from your Razor pages, no need for routes or controllers. See the README file for installation i...
This package contains the runtime assemblies for ASP.NET Web Pages. ASP.NET Web Pages and the new Razor syntax provide a fast, terse, clean and lightweight way to combine server code with HTML to create dynamic web content.
Balíček obsahuje česká satelitní sestavení pro ASP.NET Razor.
Bu paket, ASP.NET Razor için Türkçe yardımcı derlemeleri içerir.
Balíček obsahuje česká satelitní sestavení pro ASP.NET Web Pages 2 Administration.