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Provides a helper class for easy ADO.Net queries and data reader tasks. As well, includes extension methods to easily read data for specific column names.
DevZest RDO.NET - Relational Data Objects .NET
A simple object mapping library. A simple extenstion for IDbConnection and IDbTransaction.
Working with DataTable and Dataset?, does this library help you connect to SQL Database and return that data structure easily and agilely
A simple set of System.Data.Common extensions.
Erleichtert die Konfiguration des DataAccessLayer mittels JSON-File
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SQLServer ADO.Net 簡易操作類別
Oracle ADO.Net 簡易操作類別
MySQL ADO.Net 簡易操作類別
Annotation objects for ADO.Net.Client based libraries
The Mimer SQL Data Provider is used to connect to Mimer SQL from .NET, in order to execute queries, fetching the result, and so on. Note: The Mimer designer tools for Visual Studio are installed with the data provider installation. This NuGet package only enables run-time support.
A simple .net core database connection provider. Using DbProviderFactory.
Unmanaged 64bit 19.1 Oracle DataAccess Provider. Contains Oracle.DataAccess.dll(4.19.1). By referencing this library, the project builds successfuly. To run unmanaged the project, Oracle client is needed. Reference "OracleDataAccess.Unmanaged.Client" package to the project to run without installing ...
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