Top 20 NuGet Packages

Contains Oracle database adapter for Dccelerator.DataAccess ORM.
PostgreSql provider for CoPilot.ORM
The CData SlicingDice Data Provider allows you to connect to SlicingDice using the REST API.
The CData HarperDB Data Provider allows you to use SQL to access data from a HarperDB database.
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to Etrade objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables like Projects, Calendars, Documents, etc.
Extends ADONetHelper library for Teradata
Enables you to use SQL to connect to DoubleClick for Publishers Ads, Accounts, Creatives, and Orders.
The CData DoubleClick Campaign Manager Data Provider allows you to connect to DCM data.
An SqlClient implementation of Mutex.Data.Client for SQL Server. Reference Mutex.Data.SqlClient only in your application(s). The assembly is signed and CLS compliant.
A Simple SQL Query Generator Using ADO.NET Provider with SqlClient
The CData Hive SQL Data Provider allows you to use standard drivers to access data from Hive instances (Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Amazon EMR, etc.).
.NET DbConnection wrapper for retries, making a standard DbConnection more reliable to transient failures.
A .NET Standard compliant Unit of Work implementation for ADO.NET. The UoW is the workhorse of the data context, so the project was dubbed "lunch pail" as a reference to blue collar athletes.
The ADO.Extensions helps you to convert models into queries. Currently only available for Oracle databases.
The official SQLite database engine for both x86 and x64 along with the ADO.NET provider.
Stored Procedure centered alternative for handling your database interactions.
.NET driver for Yandex ClickHouse. It implements native ClickHouse protocol with data compression (not a wrapper for HTTP client).Modify datareader and you can use stackexchange dapper.
The CData APIs Provider enables you to access data from various APIs and flat files using standard database technologies.
Smart data accessor generator library for .NET