Top 20 NuGet .net40 Packages

OAuth 1.0 client library.
Simple implementation of basic authentication using only one dll and one xml file with credentials.
Extensions to WCF Data Services that make it easier to expose arbitrary data sources.
Testing library for all Granite projects. Includes support for testing events.
T4 Factories uses T4toolbox to automatically generate the source code for factory implementations and even contracts (if they don't exist already), based on a concrete class and a base interface. It allows easier use of the factory pattern for easier unit testing and refactoring.
PropertyGrid module for Gemini, utilising the PropertyGrid control from the Extended WPF Toolkit.
Inspector module for Gemini, providing a flexible PropertyGrid-esque tool window.
Inspector.Xna module for Gemini, adding editors for XNA types to the Inspector module.
CodeCompiler module for Gemini, providing C# code compilation using Roslyn.
CodeEditor module for Gemini, providing a syntax-highlighted code editor using AvalonEdit.
Ripplo api client library for .NET. Using this library you can easily consume WCF REST service hosted at
Metro module for Gemini, integrating MahApps Metro window
EnergyTrading extensions for Unity container
Enterprises Library implementations of EnergyTrading interfaces
This is client .Net library to easy startup with Quicklogons service
SharpDX module for Gemini, providing integration for SharpDX/Direct3D content in WPF.
MonoGame module for Gemini, providing WPF integration for MonoGame content.
Inspector.MonoGame module for Gemini, adding editors for MonoGame types to the Inspector module.
A client for the JustGiving API available at RC version!
Deployment utilities integrates with source control, TeamCity and Confluence