Top 20 NuGet .netcore Packages

Wilcommerce Catalog components
Provides access to network information and notification of network status changes.
Provides additional input and output (I/O) types.
Provides additional collection classes and extensions.
Wilcommerce Catalog implementation for Entity Framework Core
IO mondaic operations, such putChar, putStr, getChar, getLine.
FSharp library which implements different data structures.
FSharp library which implements the standard monads: state, writer, reader.
Package Description
LiteXLog is internal logging provider for LiteX libraries.
.net standard ado net tools. In this version dbmanager use method chaining.
CSharp (.NET standard) client for the Inbucket API. Inbucket is an email testing service, it will accept messages from any email address and make them available via web, REST and POP3. Read more at the Inbucket Website :
Wilcommerce Registries components
This library is a Generic Repository implementation for EF Core ORM which will remove developers' pain to write repository layer for each .NET Core and .NET project. This library includes the following notable features: 1. This library can be run on any .NET Core or .NET application which has .NET...
C# bindings for the Sciter engine on windows, Support .net framework and .net core/.net5+. QQ Group: 610986240. 基于Sciter桌面引擎的.NET类库,支持.net framework4.x、.NET CORE、.NET5及更高版本。QQ群:610986240。
Provides additional MSBuild tasks.
Provides additional support for working with ASP.NET Core, including TagHelpers, View Location Expanders, support for IMetadataAware, and rendering enumerated types as SelectLists based on a UiHint attribute.
Additional file providers and support for working with physical files and directories.
Provides additional ASP.NET Core TagHelpers.
Deskly.DNT is a Lightweight and Extensible Infrastructure for Building Web Applications