Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

The official .NET and Windows Phone SDK. Add a cloud backend to your apps with this simple to use SDK.
A simple .NET library which utilizes Google's Geocoding API to geocode street addresses.
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer; Kamran Ayub's fork of fastJSON @ v2.0.13. The revision number corresponds to the version of my fork.
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.Sqlite is a layer extension to the Map Suite product line, see below for compatibility. This layer represents a FeatureSource backed by SQLite. This extension utilizes SQL R*Tree module which allows it to natively query geometries at super fast speeds. An R-Tree is a spec...
Provides the function to update property and automatically notify it changed, when the progress status or result information reported from the outside.
for fun
Threading library
AssemblyExtensions is a .NET Core class library that can be used to get metadata for an assembly.
.NET Framework network services library
.NET library for collecting real-time weather data using Meteobridge.
Modulo que se encargaz de la gestion
Modulo que se encarga de la gesti�n de inventarios
Package Description
.NET library for PDF generation.
A library to support Postgre Sql data format with SlimGIS MapKit components.
A library to support SQLite data format with SlimGIS MapKit components.
Chart.js wrapper for .NET Core
The entities associated with BC4Net.Api.