Top 20 NuGet .net Packages

An xml based localization framework
App.config test helper that can trick configuration manager into loading a custom App.config
Stackato MSBuild Tasks
SMS Client
Library for manage app domains.
Dynamic flow generation from scheme Supported platforms: - .NET 4.5+ - ASP.NET Core 1.0 - Windows 8 - Portable Libraries (supporting Profile7)
Fake Object data generation and population, like Ruby's Faker gem, for .NET
The package is the result of the continuous improvement of team in the development with the libraries.
支持 Xamarin Android ,支持手写签字,支持导出 Bitmap 及 SVG
This is the console application for Edison, to be used when running tests. Edison is an open source unit/integration test framework for .NET.
Implements the password-based key derivation function scrypt specified in RFC 7914.
regXwild - Fast and powerful wildcards ! [ Native C/C++ and .NET ] `*,|,?,^,$,+,#,>` in addition to slow regex engine and more... This package contains both support of unmanaged and managed code for your projects. * native_$(Platform): regX...
This library allows you to create strongly-types application settings in your .NET projects. Application settings are stored in XML files, much similar in form and intent to the appSettings tag in your web.config or app.config files.
Validation Engine.
This is a light weight logger
Event aggregation (Pub-Sub) library for Xamarin and .NET applications. This is basically the MvvmCross Messenger plugin without the MvvmCross part
SilkCode REST API client
Provides .NET AES CTS CBC Implementation.