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ZipFileEx add feature that support async/await and IProgress<T> to ZipFile/ZipArchive Classes
Zip and Unzip strings in memory
Zipkin V2 client library
Package Description
This assembly contains LuceneContext, a class that encapsulates several Lucene classes and makes it easy to use Lucene with dependency Injection
This assembly contains extension methods for serializing Octokit objects into Lucene Document objects.
Seamless read-write on ZIP files.
Package that implements zip operations.
My package description.
Ziraff Sample NUGet Demo
This domain event to raise the events by using this
This user for events rasing in Event store
My package description.
My package description.
My package description.
create a connection with elastic server by using this package
My package description.
This is use to connect Event store
RolePermision View Model
My package description.