NuGet Package Angular Ajax Combobox

* On-demand loading of list
* Paged list
* Can use page up / page down shortcut when navigating the list
* Can type on textbox anytime even when the dropdown list is displayed
* Can use mouse scroll on the popup list
* Uses AngularJS 1.3 ng-model-options debounce functionality to prevent fast typist from overwhelming the network
* Keyboard shortcut to popup the list uses the conventional shortcut, Alt+Down, or F4
* Aside from next page / previous page buttons, it has fast forward and fast reverse button, it partition the list by 100 instead of the usual ten for paging.

Say we have 5,000 rows, a total of 500 pages, so from first page when we click the fast forward button it brings us to page 51
* Can manually assign both ID/Code and Text for the combobox, by using ng-model and user-input attributes respectively. Think edit
* When pressing escape key, it reverts back the old value.

Likewise when pressing tab, yet the user didn't select an item, the combobox will revert to old ID/Code and Text values
* Developer still has control on the requested ajax url's parameter names, and also with the result's list and total's property names. The component doesn't impose any names for the ajax's url parameter names and response property names
* The popup's width has the same width as the combobox
* Uses bootstrap for the design
* No jQuery
* ng-change event
* page size property.


Version: 1.1.1
Author(s): Michael Buen
Last Update: Thursday, June 25, 2015
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Install-Package kel.angular.ajax.combobox
dotnet add package kel.angular.ajax.combobox
paket add kel.angular.ajax.combobox
kel.angular.ajax.combobox Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)