NuGet Package DirectX Tool Kit for DirectX 12 (VS 2015/2017/2019 Win32)

This version is for Windows desktop applications using Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, Visual Studio 2017, or Visual Studio 2019.

Audio - low-level audio API using XAudio2
CommonStates - common D3D state combinations
DDSTextureLoader - light-weight DDS file texture loader
DescriptorHeap - helper for managing DX12 descriptor heaps
DirectXHelpers - misc C++ helpers for D3D programming
Effects - set of built-in shaders for common rendering tasks
EffectPipelineStateDescription - helper for creating PSOs
GamePad - gamepad controller helper using XInput
GeometricPrimitive - draws basic shapes such as cubes and spheres
GraphicsMemory - helper for managing graphics memory allocation
Keyboard - keyboard state tracking helper
Model - draws simple meshes loaded from .SDKMESH or .VBO files
Mouse - mouse helper
PostProcess - set of built-in shaders for common post-processing operations
PrimitiveBatch - simple and efficient way to draw user primitives
RenderTargetState - helper for communicating render target requirements when creating PSOs
ResourceUploadBatch - helper for managing texture resource upload to the GPU
ScreenGrab - light-weight screen shot saver
SimpleMath - simplified C++ wrapper for DirectXMath
SpriteBatch - simple & efficient 2D sprite rendering
SpriteFont - bitmap based text rendering
VertexTypes - structures for commonly used vertex data formats
WICTextureLoader - WIC-based image file texture loader.


Version: 2019.12.17.1
Author(s): Microsoft
Last Update: Wednesday, December 18, 2019
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Install-Package directxtk12_desktop_2015
dotnet add package directxtk12_desktop_2015
paket add directxtk12_desktop_2015
directxtk12_desktop_2015 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)