NuGet Package Syncfusion Pivot Table for WPF

Syncfusion’s pivot table (a.k.a.

pivot grid) for WPF is a .NET library that allows you to read, process, and display relational data in a cross-tabulated form.

Key Features:
• Drill support—Navigate through inner levels of a hierarchy element present in both column and row headers.
• Field list and grouping bar—Use UI interaction at runtime to dynamically change the report along with sort, filter, and remove options.
• Filtering and sorting—Order members and values either in ascending or descending order. Filtering of members is also possible.
• Summaries—Show brief information about the individual data columns or groups of rows.
• Calculated field—Users can add new value fields to the report.
• Cell selection—Select multiple cells in the grid.
• Hyperlink—Hyperlink cells to retrieve detailed information about a particular cell.
• Asynchronous data loading—Performs long-running operations asynchronously on a background thread.
• Virtualized binding—Load the data in the pivot grid control on-demand using the index engine.
• Deferred scrolling—Improves the scrolling performance by updating the data only if the user releases the thumb on scrolling.
• Cell templates—Customize the headers by applying styles using data templates.
• Conditional formatting—Define certain conditions, format cell font, color, and border settings.
• Exporting—Export the component to various formats such as PDF, Word, CSV, and Excel.
• Save and load—Save generated report to use later.

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Author(s): Syncfusion Inc.
Last Update: Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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Install-Package Syncfusion.PivotTable.Wpf
dotnet add package Syncfusion.PivotTable.Wpf
paket add Syncfusion.PivotTable.Wpf
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