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# SlxLuhnLibrary
The Luhn algorithm or Luhn formula, also known as the "modulus 10" or "mod 10" algorithm, is a simple checksum formula used to validate a variety of identification numbers, such as credit card numbers, IMEI numbers, National Provider Identifier numbers in the United States, Canadian Social Insurance Numbers, Israel ID Numbers and Greek Social Security Numbers (ΑΜΚΑ).

It was created by IBM scientist Hans Peter Luhn and described in U.S. Patent No.

2,950,048, filed on January 6, 1954, and granted on August 23, 1960.

Here I also implement the Luhn mod N algorithm which is an extension to the Luhn algorithm (also known as mod 10 algorithm) that allows it to work with sequences of non-numeric characters. This can be useful when a check digit is required to validate an identification string composed of letters, a combination of letters and digits or even any arbitrary set of characters.


Version: 1.0.2
Author(s): Jean Paul Blanc
Last Update: Friday, August 24, 2018
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