NuGet Package Symbiotic

The main goal of this library is the simplify data access for Object Oriented programmers.

This library provides a simple way to perform CRUD operations. It is not expected to work for everyone or every application. Currently works with SQL Server.
I wanted something that would be simple to use, understand, and have very little impact on the code. With this library, you can have basic object CRUD working in less than three lines of code, and should require less than an hour to understand the library usage.

I also wanted something that could easily be integrated into an existing project.

The basic concept is that you add a few attributes to your objects which explains the mapping to a database results column/s.

You can also implement IDatabaseDefineSupport to provide the mapping details.

There a two main objects used to work with the database. ObjectLoader and ObjectWriter.


Version: 2.05.0
Last Update: Sunday, June 3, 2012
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Install-Package SODA
dotnet add package SODA
paket add SODA
SODA Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)