NuGet Package WpfLib

Library for Wpf Projects.

* DI (Dependency Injection)
* Injector: allows to register Types, Singletons, Instances, values, auto discover types, etc.

* Navigation
* Regions: change and animate the content of ContentRegion (ContentControl) and ItemsRegions (ItemsControl, TabControl, ..and more with Adapters)
* ViewModelLocator: allows to resolve ViewModel for regions and for window with ResolveWindowViewModel
* RegionManager: allows to get a region, then navigate with regions
* INavigatable: allows views and view models to be notified on navigate
* IActivatable, IDeactivatable: allow to cancel navigation
* ILoadedEventListener: allows to be notified when the view or window is loaded
* Mvvm
* WpfLibBootstrapper
* Observable, Validatable, Editable, ValidateAndEditable and ModelWrapper base classes for Models and ViewModels
* Commands and composite command
* Sync extensions for list and collections.

Allows to sync data
* TypedCache
* Singleton
* Messenger : allows to subscribe, publish and filter messages
* Adaptive
* BreakpointBinder: allows to bind controls and make the page "responsive"
* BreakpointListener: allows to define a list of breakpoints and be notified on current breakpoint changed
* Services
* HttpService with interceptors
* Json Serialization with DataContractJsonSerializer.


Version: 4.1.0
Author(s): Romagny13
Last Update: Monday, March 18, 2019
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Install-Package Romagny13WpfLib
dotnet add package Romagny13WpfLib
paket add Romagny13WpfLib
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