Leadtools.Twain NuGet Package

Supported Platforms:
• NETFramework

Acquire images and control TWAIN devices.

High-level acquisition functions for ease of use and low-level functions for flexibility are included. LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN uses optimized settings for compression, advanced buffering, and a multi-threaded infrastructure to provide the best possible speed and experience for the user.               

LEADTOOLS provides everything needed to control any TWAIN scanner, digital camera, or capture card. With LEADTOOLS, you can use TWAIN to capture images for OCR, barcode, forms recognition, image processing, and more.

LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN intelligently analyzes the TWAIN source capabilities to find the combination of compression, transfer mode, and buffering scheme that will provide the best possible performance for the requested image type.

This is just a small part of a large technology offering called LEADTOOLS.

To see all that LEADTOOLS has to offer, go to https://www.leadtools.com

Use the following link to register for a LEADTOOLS license file that is required to use this NuGet.
Additionally, the link provides access to the LEADTOOLS Installer. The Installer includes 100’s of demo applications with source code to jump start your development:

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Install-Package Leadtools.Twain
dotnet add package Leadtools.Twain
paket add Leadtools.Twain
Leadtools.Twain Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)