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For over two decades, LEADTOOLS multi-faceted OCR SDK has led the industry in optical character recognition.

Using LEAD’s advanced OCR APIs, programmers can write as few as three lines of code to convert an image to text-searchable documents, offering full page as well as zonal recognition. LEADTOOLS supports character sets for more than 40 languages.
This package includes English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. For more languages, see the Leadtools.Ocr.Languages.* packages.

Handwritten text has been historically difficult to recognize due to variations in each and every sample set of handwriting.

Our optimizations continue to ensure that LEADTOOLS ICR libraries provide unparalleled accuracy by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to power additional technologies such as:

• Hand printed and cursive in color and bitonal images
• Automatic image preprocessing to cleanup noise and enhance low-resolution images
• Spelling dictionary
• Detect uppercase, lowercase, digits, currency, and punctuation
• Automatic image segmentation

Because automation and efficiency are at the forefront for developers building recognition solutions, LEAD has created mixed mode AutoZone capabilities to extract text from images that contain a mix of machine-printed text, handwritten text, MICR, MRZ, OMR, graphics, and table zones. LEADTOOLS automatically detects and recognizes everything. This powerful combination of recognition technologies is critical for companies that need to quickly and accurately OCR images regardless of how the data is formatted.

Forms recognition and processing technology detects and processes unstructured and semi-structured documents such as bubble forms, invoices, applications/tax forms, checks, passports, driver's licenses, and business cards.

LEADTOOLS Forms libraries use an advanced combination of OCR, OMR, ICR, barcode, and intelligent image processing techniques, image cleanup and more to automate the extraction of text from complex documents.

This is just a small part of a large technology offering called LEADTOOLS. To see all that LEADTOOLS has to offer, go to

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Install-Package Leadtools.Ocr
dotnet add package Leadtools.Ocr
paket add Leadtools.Ocr
Leadtools.Ocr Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

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