NuGet Package IronWebScraper - The C# WebScraping Library.

Iron WebScraper is a C# web scraping library, allowing developers to simulate & automate human browsing behavior to extract content, files & images from web applications as native .Net objects.

Iron Web Scraper manages politeness & multithreading in the background, leaving a developer’s own application easy to understand & maintain.

Iron Web Scraper can be used to migrate content from existing websites as well as build search indexes and monitor website structure & content changes. It's functionality includes:
» Read & extract structured content from web pages using html DOM, Javascript, Xpath, jQuery Style CSS Selectors.
» Fast multi threading allows hundreds of simultaneous requests.
» Politely avoid over stalling remote servers using IP/domain level throttling & optionally respecting robots.txt
» Manage multiple identities, DNS, proxies, user agents, request methods, custom headers, cookies & logins.
» Data exported from websites becomes native C# objects which can be stored or used immediately.
» Exceptions managed in all but the developers own code. Errors and captchas auto retried on failure
» Save, pause, resume, autosave scrape jobs.
» Built in web cache allows for action replay, crash recovery, and querying existing web scrape data. Change scrape logic on the fly, then replay job without internet traffic.

Supports: Framework .NET 452+ , .NET Core 2.1+ , .NET Standard 2.0+ and .NET 5 on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Mobile, AWS and Azure

Licensing & Support available for commercial deployments.

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Version: 2021.9.0
Author(s): Iron Software (Web Scraper Development Team)
Last Update: Tuesday, August 24, 2021
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Install-Package IronWebScraper
dotnet add package IronWebScraper
paket add IronWebScraper
IronWebScraper Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)